Get Involved With TOSC!



Photo of Kissng Camels courtesy of Bob Falcone.

With your support, the Trails and Open Space Coalition works to preserve open space, and create a network of parks, trails and bikeways in the Pikes Peak region. Please join us!

Choose the Membership level that is right for you or create your own by donating an amount that is meaningful to you! Our parks and trails are priceless, but creating and maintaining them is not.

Basic Membership

Your membership shows your commitment to the trails and open spaces in our community.   Your membership fee helps cover TOSC’s operating expenses so that we can continue advocating for what you think is most important.

Benefits – We know you become a member because you are passionate and don’t need anything in return, but as our thanks for your support, you will receive a TOSC member sticker, invitations to members only hikes and adventures, and an invitation to our annual Member Celebration.

NEW! Young Professional


Young Professionals (for members under 30) who wants to help trails, parks and open space.




The basic membership level is for an individual who wants to help preserve trails, parks and open space.




Joining TOSC as a Household provides more community connections and helps to diversify our member base. Education and environmental stewardship are important to the sustainability of our parks, trails and open spaces.


Advanced Membership



Sustainers are individuals who want to give beyond their membership.  A sustainer donation can help us educate the public about the importance of our trails and open spaces by funding a free educational hike for college students or concerned community members.

Benefits –  We want to recognize your contribution beyond membership, so in addition to  all member benefits, but you will be listed in our annual report.




A donation from a benefactor can give some of our initiatives significant momentum.  $250 is what it takes to fund one of our Friends Group round tables, which are critical for TOSC employees to gather concerns, ideas and needs of the Friends Groups, groups of volunteers that maintain and advocate for the spaces in their neighborhoods.

Benefits –  We know our benefactors are accurately aware of what is going on with our trails and open spaces.  Along with the Sustainer benefits, we will offer our Benefactors unique behind-the-scenes hikes and adventures in spaces that are not yet accessible to the public or experiences that nobody has had yet.




A conservationist donation helps fund larger projects, such as the production of a map for a major trail project.

Benefits – We want our conservationist donors to be in the know about how their donations are working towards our vision.  Along with the Benefactor benefits, Conservationists will be invited to join a TOSC team member for coffee or lunch (our treat!) to learn first-hand about our projects.


Summit Society

Summit Society

Pinnacle Level:  $1,000

Did you know it 50-100 hours of staff time to get a Friends Group created for a park.  $1,000 – $2,000 helps support the cost to get our staff out into the community and help these grassroots groups become powerful voices, advocates and volunteer groups for our favorite parks.

Benefits –  Along with Benefactor benefits, our Summit Society members will be invited to the Summit Society VIP cocktail hour preceding the Member Celebration and receive special seating at the event.


Summit Society

Capstone Level:  $2,500

TOSC’s Open Space Volunteer Calendar is the most comprehensive parks volunteer calendar in the region.  TOSC spends around 200-250 hours a year carefully curating this calendar to ensure that no park or project is left behind.  Your donation of $2,500 will ensure that this essential asset in our community will continue to land the right volunteers in the right projects for another year.

Benefits – Along with the Pinnacle Level benefits, donors will receive a hand-carved walking stick by local carver Jim Klever.