Our work includes helping craft the future for our public spaces, with our partners in government, other nonprofits and community groups, and our members and partners. Our goal is to envision what can be, and work to make the vision a reality.

Advocacy is at the heart of what we do.

We joke about how “We go to all the boring meetings so you don’t have to,” but in fact TOSC is at every public meeting where policy, funding or planning for parks, trails and open spaces is discussed or decided—be it City Council, County Commission, Parks Advisory Boards, Master Plan work sessions, TOPS Working Committee, Trails Team, Colorado Springs Utilities, etc.—and is a respected voice for our public spaces. We weigh in on the issues, and report back to the public regularly.

Advocacy is essential to getting trails built, preserving open space, and getting adequate parks funding.

We work to create a social and political climate in which local decisions to fund open space, parks and trails are approved and supported. We encourage organizations, businesses and individuals to get involved in the process. Government bodies do listen to their constituents. We help get the word out to the public about what the issues are, what decisions are being made, when public comment is requested, and how to make your voice heard. We listen to all our user groups—hikers, bikers, runners, equestrians—and work to get their concerns addressed.

We encourage you to connect with us at the Trails and Open Space Coalition.

Become a member. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for our email newsletters. Read “Trails Talk,” our Executive Director’s monthly column in the Gazette. Follow our blog here on this site. Join us for a members-only hike. We’ll help you stay informed about the issues, and our action alerts will let you know when and where you can help by writing letters or emails, coming to a planning session or government meeting, volunteering or donating.


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