Our Mission

We are dedicated to the preservation of parks and open spaces.

We advocate for the creation and conservation of an interconnected network of trails, parks and open spaces across the Pikes Peak region.



The open spaces, trails and parklands are a cornerstone for our quality of life; they bring people here to live and thrive.  This is a primary economic driver for the region.

A strong, healthy system emphasizes interconnected trails, large natural areas and developed parklands.  Acquisition and completion is critical to the identity and quality of life in our community both for today and for future generations.

These assets must be maintained into perpetuity.  Doing so requires that we balance our desire to use and recreate in these areas with the need to preserve the natural resources.

Dedicated public funding in this region is essential to adequately maintain and improve our parks, trails and open spaces.

Non-motorized use of trails is important for the quality of the outdoor experience.  It is important to integrate non-motorized use into regional transportation.

In support of our mission, we work collaboratively to engage the community and provide a community voice and vision for a better and stronger open spaces, trails and parklands.


We identify open space, trails and parks priorities in concert with citizens and partners and develop strategies to implement the goal.

We foster a positive political climate in which decisions to fund trails, parks and open space are approved and supported.

We assist local governments in the implementation of their trails, parks and open space master plans.

We build, encourage and coordinate grass-roots support for trails, parks and open space.

We develop public/private partnerships to benefit trails, parks and open space.

We promote intermodal, non-motorized use of trails and open space.

We promote accessibility to all citizens.


We inform the public, government, and businesses about recreation and transportation opportunities, the economic benefits, tourism opportunities, health and physical fitness and educational opportunities of trails, parks and open space.

We inform the public about the appropriate and safe use of trails.

We provide information about trail and open space opportunities in the Pikes Peak region.

We host events, guided hikes and outings.


We help raise public and private funds to support trails, open spaces and parks.

We support local jurisdictions in their requests for funds.


We encourage, coordinate and support trails and open space volunteerism, community participation and membership.

We manage Open Space Volunteers Program and link Volunteers to local Friends Groups Volunteer Work Days.


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